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Welcome to the Sydenham's Chorea Association

The Sydenham's Chorea Association aims to provide information and support to those affected by the condition, their families and wider support network. Working closely with the Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow and other professionals, we provide details on how the condition will affect you, the treatments available and the support networks you can access.

The information on this website has been provided by healthcare professionals at the Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow and the families of children with Sydenham's Chorea. If you have any questions about the condition and you can't find the answers on the site, please get in touch. We are a family network, so for any specific medial queries, we would recommend you contact your GP or Consultant, as we are unable to provide any direct medical advice or diagnosis.

The Sydenham's Chorea Association is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, charity number SCO047005.

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If you would like to get involved, drop us a line. Do you have a spare hour once a month to join us? Contact us on If you would like to donate to the Sydenham's Chorea Association or fundraise for us, the simplest way is through Just Giving.


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